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World War 2 (‥ )?  posted by:Shinnosuke post day:2010/06/11(Fri) 01:36 No.29

Hi, everyone.

Unfortunately, these are not the photo of World War U.

These are the photo of Gunkanjima (Battleship island) in Nagasaki prefecture of Japan.

Gunkanjima may be one of the world heritage in near future.

It was a island for coal mine until 1974, but now it's a island of abandoned buildings.

This's a good place to take black-and-white photographs for expecting to WW2 taste.


Sunset  posted by:Shinnosuke post day:2010/06/02(Wed) 01:50 No.23

Sunset is one of my most favorite scene.
It makes the world so baeutiful.
If you have a photo of sunset, please post here.

↑ by Nikon D70s and Fuji Film S5Pro. non-HDRI

Re: Sunset  Shinnosuke - 2010/06/05(Sat) 01:26 No.26


And these two are HDRIs.
HDRI deepens the impressions of the photo, and the dynamic range is similar to the one of human.

↑by S5Pro and D3s

no title  posted by:Dan post day:2010/06/01(Tue) 15:04 No.21

Hey everybody. You're all such talented photographers! These are of my cat Scout as a kitten.

Re: no title  Shinnosuke - 2010/06/01(Tue) 16:43 No.22


Hey, Dan! Thanks for the lovely photo (Ψ▽Ψ*)♪

Look their sleepy eyes! How pretty!

I wanna push their pad.. |エ)・)⊃

Oh, Scout... so you need put a Sentry...lol

↑by Fuji Film S5Pro. Same catenary curbe as the bridge of bihind.

Patience  posted by:Connor post day:2010/06/01(Tue) 00:26 No.19

Hey Shin. This is a photograph i took and had framed.

Re: Patience  Shinnosuke - 2010/06/01(Tue) 01:23 No.20   HomePage


Hey, Connor! What a elegical situation! It seems like one scine of a movie. And it brings us imaginations and memories.

I love this kind of photo. Free space of the photo is so effective.

↑Shooted by Nikon D70s (old photo of mine)

Fascinating!  posted by: post day:2010/05/29(Sat) 13:59 No.17

Some of these are good enough to be in guidebooks. You should submit them!

Re: Fascinating!  Shinnosuke - 2010/05/30(Sun) 02:37 No.18   HomePage


Hi, Jon! Thanks for your comments.

I'm willing to send these photos to your magazine lol

How are your sweet little boy and girl (my nephew and niece)?

These are photos by Fuji Film S5Pro.
It's one of the best camera to take a portrait.
The white balance is incomparable exquisite.

About HDRI  posted by:Shinnosuke post day:2010/05/28(Fri) 19:57 No.12   HomePage

Hi, everyone in Canada, Italy, America, England and UAE.

I wanna see the photo you took on this board.

These photos I posted are all HDRIs.

HDRI is a good choice to take a photo with wide luminance range (LR) image, but not so effective with normal LR one.

It's important to decide which technics you should take for good photographic representation.

Some of other HDRIs  Shinnosuke - 2010/05/28(Fri) 20:13 No.13   HomePage


To take HDRI, you must use tripod and camera with a function of auto bracket (BRT).

And need a software to synthesize the images like Photomatrix and Photoshop.

It's a good decision to choice wide lens for wide luminance range.

Try to take a HDRI, and I'm happy if you post the image on this board.

Re: About HDRI   - 2010/05/29(Sat) 01:29 No.14

Hey Shin! Great photos! I'm terrible using photoshop but i'll try it XD
Anyway, it seem you go every place you can, man!
Keep up with your HDR photos ;)
I'll encourage everyone to upload your HDR photos, it's fun and at the same time wonderful :)

Re: About HDRI   - 2010/05/29(Sat) 01:32 No.15

The first photo is damn amazing...

Re: About HDRI  Shinnosuke - 2010/05/29(Sat) 08:34 No.16   HomePage


Hey, Luca! Great to see you on this website :)
Thanks for your comments and encouragement!

I wanna make this board world wide photo club. So I'm planing to gather photographers on facebook after my examination.

Anytime you are welcome! If you took some photos (not only HDRI but normal one), I hope you post those on this board 8)

Nikon D3s + AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED  posted by:慎之介 post day:2010/05/19(Wed) 20:53 No.6   HomePage


1枚目 「六本木ミッドタウン」 この画角はフルサイズ+14mmならではです。ノーレタッチ。14mm, F5.6, SS 1/50s, ISO 2000
2枚目 「羽田空港」 ダイナミックレンジもなかなか広く、S5Proと同じく白飛びせずに粘る印象です。最後は白飛びしますが、いい白飛びの仕方です。ノーレタッチ。14mm, F5.6, SS 1/250s, ISO 2000
3枚目 「イルミネーション」 ISO 12800の写真を載せます。この暗さの中、F4まで絞っても SSが1/80s稼げるという驚異的な高感度撮影です。ノイズも目立たず常用できます。三脚なし。ノーレタッチ。14mm, F4, SS 1/80s, ISO 12800
4枚目 「残照の原爆ドーム」 HDRIなので内部の暗い部分までよく写っています。

Re: Nikon D3s + AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED  jackpot - 2010/05/20(Thu) 00:15 No.8




D70 シグマ30mm と タムロン90mmです。

Re: Nikon D3s + AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED  慎之介 - 2010/05/20(Thu) 01:29 No.9   HomePage






桜つながりで、僕もペッタンコしてみます。露出補正のみ。110mm, F8, SS 1/640, ISO 400

阿蘇旅行  posted by:慎之介 post day:2010/05/19(Wed) 19:36 No.4   HomePage


晴天に恵まれて大変いい旅行でした! ( ̄ー+ ̄)y-'~~~

全てNikon D3sの写真です。画質モードをVIVIDにするとFuji Film S5Proに引けを取らないか、それを上回るJPEG撮って出し画像で、ダイナミックレンジも負けていません。

1枚目 大分県の龍門の滝付近のとある線路。ノーレタッチ。撮って出しでこれぐらいの絵がでてくれば文句ありません。

2枚目 お気に入りの「くじゅう花公園」70-200mmVR+ソフトフィルター。ノーレタッチ。70mm, F3.5, SS1/1600s, ISO-200

3枚目 大分県竹田市にある「白糸の滝」での一枚。これはHDRIです。14mm, F18, SS-1s, ISO-200

4枚目 はげの湯温泉にある旅館「たけの蔵」の入り口周辺。とてもよい宿で、よく利用させてもらっています。HDRI。こういう明暗差のある被写体はHDRIに最適です。14mm, F13, SS-3s

5枚目 阿蘇中岳の火口。火口のアップも撮っていますが、広さを感じてもらうために最広角の写真をチョイスしました。HDRI。14mm, F13, SS 1/200s

その他の写真  慎之介 - 2010/05/19(Wed) 19:40 No.5   HomePage


ついでなので、他の写真も何枚か載せてみます。今回の写真はNon HDRIです。

1枚目 たけの蔵の廊下 ISO 6400の高感度撮影。ノーレタッチ。14mm, F6.3, SS 1/25s D3sは、ISO 12800まで常用で使えます。死角なし!
2枚目 白糸の滝 SSをかせぐため撮影時に+0.7EVの露出補正をし、現像で-1.2EV補正してます。露出補正のみ。18mm, F18, SS 1s
3枚目 くじゅう花公園 ノーレタッチ。200mm, F3.5, SS 1/1600

新しい写真掲示板  posted by:慎之介 post day:2010/05/19(Wed) 19:21 No.3   HomePage





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